Weight shift trike

The weight shift trike offers due to its construction, great visibility, sportive sensations and softness of flying.
The feeling of freedom and the ease of flight in a weight shift trike are unforgetable!

Our material, the PEGASUS QUANTUM, imported from the United Kingdom, complies to the most strict european construction rules


A very wide speed range: 50 to 140 km/h
It permits a slow and short landing, and the maximum speed enables us to offer a better service to our customers compared to our competitors as we can fly greater distances without changing the price of our flight.

Modern Concept
The use of materials especially created for the use in the aeronautic industry decreases the weight and increases the overall performance in a reliable rigid structure.

Unequalled comfort
A carriage protecting from the wind, ergonomical seats, audio equipment allowing to converse without noise, noise reduction systems of the last generation limiting the backgroundsounds to a minimum . All this equipment out of the ordinary enables us to transport our passengers in all tranquility and on long distances.

Optimum safety
The parameters of the aeronautical engine are managed by a computer which permanently control the different engine temperatures and warns us of any out of the ordinary rise of temperature by its integrated alarm. The structure of the ULM was tested many years in all sorts of different flight conditions including windtunnel and crash landing-tests in order to ensure reliable operation and behaviour.

So it is logical that this aircraft for who we are the importer at the indian ocean zone and which is distributed to over 30 countries in the world has been the CHAMPION of the world in its category .

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